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So Much More lyrics - Old Man Markley

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Change ain't just the coins in your pocket
Lost means more than just without a way
Dying happens in a thousand colors
Nothing's black and white, it's all grey

A puddle can't ever really fathom
The depth that it lives its life without
It's just in their nature to be shallow
A single ray of sunlight dries them out

A toothless mouth is still capable of smiling
A busted head can still complete a thought
A rolling stone is wealthy in momentum
We're all so much more than what we're not

Working doesn't mean there's not a problem
Form and function aren't the only rules
Real tears appear from cutting onions
Learning isn't limited to school

Broken ain't a synonym for useless
Fresh gets a bad name from egos bruised
Sighing happens in a thousand colors
Statues in museums always move

A twisted heart is still capable of beating
Too full a head can empty out the room
An awful taste can turn you off forever
We're all so much more than what we're not

Trash is in the eye of the beholder
Bleeding doesn't prove you have a heart
Monsters don't live under kids' beds
Fools and their money quickly part

Actions are just words set into motion
Screws over time find their way loose
Awestruck doesn't leave you bruised up
Every one of us begins as two

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