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My Kind Of Medicine lyrics - Tillis Pam

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Sometimes these bones they get to aching
Oh and I just get plain tired
When everybody wants some of me z
And I'm all worn out and wired
Oh but I don't need no doctor
Something scribbled on a little white pad
Cause it don't come in a bottle
And all the side effects aren't bad

I find it walking in the woods
Floating on the lake
And no one has to to tell me
How many I should take
And it comes in all the colors
Of a sunset painted sky
And it makes me high
You should try my kind of medicine

Oh it don't take long to notice
This world is full of God shaped holes
And if you get me to preaching
Brother I'll get on a roll
Cause there's people out there peddling
All kinds of counterfeit hope
Don't get me wrong now I'm not meddling
But if you ask me how I cope

I watch the same old movies
That always make me laugh
And I throw that stick a hundred times
Watch my dog bring it back
And I saddle up the horses
Get lost for hours out on a Sunday ride
Works every time
My kind of medicine

And I find it with a friend
I can count on to be there
And I find it in the quiet times
Talking to the man upstairs
And it comes in all the colors
Of a sunset painted sky
And it makes me high
That's my my kind of medicine
My kind of medicine
Do do do do do

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Pam Tillis Chords
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