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The Corner Comedian Lyrics by Panhandlers

Panhandlers Lyrics

The lady stopped in front of me
Waiting for the light to turn green
She'll barely even look at me
She locks her doors 8 feet away

When the wind's low I juggle
Most the time I just dance
I guess I gave up my pride a long
Long time ago, man

The locals will say hello to me now
Even named me the corner comedian
I'll write a joke on cardboard
The punchline is me gettin' to eat again

Yesterday was pretty good
Day before, not so bad
I've actually saved seventeen dollars
Might just take me a nap

I got this harmonica at goodwill
An old standby key of A
75 cents, hell of a deal
I still stole it anyway

Saturday mornings, I play the blues
People love that kind of music when they're moseying through
Gives their bored kids something to do
And they can brag at church the next day

Sundays can actually be pretty great
They chuckle when I pass a collection plate
I make sure to say God Bless You
Little do they know, I stole that too

Not sure if it's curiosity
Or a sense of moral superiority
They ask if I spend the money on booze
Ha what I drink, I'd say that term is loose

I will say the game sure has changed
Used to be a lie when they didn't have cash
You should see how genuine they look
Hell I feel bad to even ask

I wish I could talk more
But it's getting to be dark
I got a long day of work tomorrow
And I still gotta walk back to the park

How's that for funny

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