In Between Lyrics - Millsap Parker

Millsap Parker Chords

After you're through laughing but before you start to cry
Felt like it weren't lasting so you gave it one last try
And now the worst has happened, but you haven't said goodbye
Ain't it mean, the in between?

Once the day is done for but before the sun goes out
After you were unsure but before you have your doubts
Venom fills your tongue but just before your lungs can shout
You come clean in the in between
Just below the rubber but just above the ground
Ain't it just like water to take you where you're bound
Once you've lost your traction before the crashing sound
Of machines you're in between

Once the summer's over before the leaves have changed
Got rid of the sofa but you haven't rearranged
Once you're clean and sober the normal feels so strange
It's obscene the in between

After the conception but before the veil is torn
After disconnection but before you leave this form
After last inspection but before you've been reborn
It's serene the in between