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Burning lyrics - Dolly Parton

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When I look at you
I melt like a candle
You light a fire in me
What am I to do
I just hope I can handle
The heat and the smoke blinding me

This feeling, this fire
This burning desire
Is raging its way through my soul
And if you feel the same
Help me fan the flames
'Til we're burning out of control

Burning to know you
Burning to show you
And I've felt this way from the start
Burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting
And it's burning a hole in my heart

You kindle in me
A warm glowing feeling
A spark and a flicker of hope
It's more than a game
And like moths to a flame
We're drawn to its warmth and its glow

These embers of love
Are fueled by the notion
This could be an eternal flame
Consumed by the blaze
I fear it's too late
'Cause this torch that I hold bears your name

Oh, and I'm burning to know you
Burning to hold you
It's grown to a flame from a spark
Burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting
And it's burning a hole in my heart

Oh, I'm burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting...

I've had so many dreams fall apart...

And it's burning a hole in my heart...

I'm burning
Oh, I'm burning
Mmmm, I'm burning oh, I burning ooh

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