100 Proof Lyrics - Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler Chords

Ain't no rain as cold as the love she just gave him
Everyone around us knows the storm has just rolled in
I'll call for the check now baby you go get the car
They'll stay here and fight it out yeah they'll close down this bar

We'll go home and lay down safe in the arms of love
And we'll dance all night long on the edge of can't get enough
And we'll wake up in the morning like we always do
Drunk on the beautiful truth
We got love 100 proof

She's gonna tell me that he can't help but get messed up
And he's gonna hang on you and say "this nights just getting fun"
They'll order another round now and try to make us stay
But you gotta know when to say when it's time to walk away

(Repeat Chorus)

Yes baby I'm addicted to your touch
I'm still hungover from the last time we made love like this
Ain't in no shot glass
No bottle baby, no

(Repeat Chorus)

So drunk on the beautiful truth
'Cause we got love 100 proof

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]