Little House On The Highway Lyrics - Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler Chords

Making my way past Tullahoma
Better pick up the pace
I'm traveling with a three ring circus
Headed for Santa Fe
I finally found a radio station
That's keeping me wide awake
And just when I like what I hear playing
Is when it starts fading away

We're stacking up miles
And slowing down the passing lane
A truckers tan and dirty Ray Bans
Looking for a place to top off the propane
Moving along in this little house on the highway

The cabinet doors keep swinging open
Each time I make a left
The only way I know where I'm going
Is chasing the sun straight west

(Repeat Chorus)

Wheels keep rolling into mountain tops
And the hills are all beginning to rise
You'll know you finally made it there
When the wood is all petrified
Well don't use a brake, pop the clutch and shift those gears
It's no man's land to the Rio Grand
Driving through the sand and we're just out here

(Repeat Chorus)

Little house on the highway

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]