Rocks Instead of Rice Lyrics - Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler Chords

Long, white limousine pulls up to a church
A sick part of me wishes it was a hearse
I didn't get an invitation, but I'm here anyway
And I don't care if I'm crashing theirbig day

Well, it might not be too christian of me
And it might not be too nice
But I wish we were all just standing around
Throwing rocks instead of rice

Long, white dress; this must be some kinda joke
Virgin, please! She ain't fooling these folks
If the thre of us were on Jerry Springer, I'd be pulling her hair
And I'd kick that liying sack of shoulda-kown-better in the you-know-where


Well, the vows that they just said
Sounded sweet and sincere
Pace your bets
My money's on less than a year