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Hate Is the Basis (of Love) Lyrics by Rachael & Vilray

Rachael & Vilray Lyrics

[Rachael Price, Vilray, Rachael & Vilray]
People long to find true love
They're searching every day
They wonder at the mystery of
The fire that never burns away
"Perhaps" they say, "the spark that sets it
Springs from the things lovers like"
On your first date, I advocate
That you focus on all the many things you both hate

Hate is
The basis
Of love
Is the wise thing
For seeing if you see things eye to eye
Imagine hating raisins
And now everything has raisins
'Cause you fеll for a raisin-crazy fool
And in your shared apartment
Therе lives a purple carpet
'Cause guess what? Mr. Raisin loves that too

And every hat he wears is apt to irritate
'Cause every hat he owns is a hat you hate

If only you'd been straighter
Said, “Honey, I'm a hater
If you wanna know what floats my boat
Then ask what gets my goat”

'Cause hate is
The basis of love

[Piano Solo]

Hate is the basis
Hate is the basis
Of love
Detesting's the best thing
Detesting's the best thing
For knowing if you're going all the way
Oh baby I hate tourists
The smug, the wrong, the purists
Mushrooms, melons, licorice as well

But when I come back home I'm safe from all of them
'Cause my sweetheart wants even less to do with them

She pets me and she praises
She scratches every itch
But when she wants to win my heart
She listens while I b**ch

'Cause hate is
The basis

Hate is the basis
Hate is the basis
Hate is the basis
Of love

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