Just Me This Year Lyrics - Rachael & Vilray

December 18th and ain't he sweet?
He called me names and called it quits
Considering the season, I've got reason to be sad
But considering the man, I'm glad

Ring the bells and hang the mistletoe
Find the carols on the radio
Play 'em louder now, he can't say no
I'm feelin' free
'Cause it's just me this year
Take the train to town and see the tree
Get some shopping done but just for me
He told me diamonds are a luxury
So I'll take three
'Cause it's just me this year

I'm keeping plenty warm without him
Never doubt it
There's so much left to burn

Asked the postman in out of the snow
That's my plumber playin' piano
My French tutor made a chocolat chaud
"Qui vit ici?"
Oh it's just me this year


The greatest I could receive
You won't believe it
Was just for him to leave

A toboggan ride on Dead Man's Curve
That old chicken never had the nerve
Finally all the thrills that I deserve
And possibly, eventually I'll find another dear
But it's just me this year