Summer Young - Rascal Flatts Lyrics

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Summer Young

You looked a little cold to me so i gave you that
Army green jack that was in my truck
It didn't fit, you didn't care, a little chill was in
The air and you were just warming up
You smiled and we sang

I wanna thank the band, whoever they
Were for playing our song
And all the stars up there for getting in line
And shinning down on
That boardwalk you and I strolled down
Lights dancin' on the water from the
We made a lot of memories, ain't no doubt
But there's only one summer young

I stood behind you while you swayed and looked down
At your pretty face, thought "Man I'm fallin' hard for her"
Yeah, we got those moments now and then, the kind you pray
Will never end and that's exactly where we were
I smiled while you danced

Repeat Chorus

Every time we hear it now
It's gonna take us back

Repeat Chorus

Oh, summer young
Summer young
Ooh, summer young

[Thanks to Stamper for lyrics]