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There's Still A Place For That lyrics - Levi Riggs

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Thou shalt not on a courthouse square. Blue ribbon cake at the county fair. A country singer in a cowboy hat. A front porch light and a welcome mat.

There’s still a place for that, There’s still a place for that
Yes, sir. No, ma’am. Thank you. Please. Man, I got you’re back.
AM Radio. A Fleetwood Cadillac. Yea, there’s still a place for that.
No first kiss till the second date. Watchin’ your mouth, cleanin’ your plate.
Kids puttin’ pennies on the railroad track, a Sunday shirt and a pair of slacks

(CHORUS) A little home sweet home. Plum off the map. Yea, there’s still a place for that.

A little less cool, old school, livin’ by the Golden Rule. Doin’ unto others what you wanted them to do for you (aw yea). A little turtle dove, true love, stayin when it get’s tough. Meanin’ what you say on the day that you said, “I do.” I’m tellin’ you, there’s still a place for that!


In a world like this, there’s still a place, there’s still a place....for that!

[Thanks to max for lyrics]

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