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Run Jeannie Run lyrics - Riley Jeannie C

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I was born a way back,
in the hills, in a shack
the oldest child of ten
On one hot and sultry day
mama got sick and passed away
Givin' birth to baby brother Ben
I stood there and I cried
as I watched my mama die
I guess I was too young to understand
Papa didn't shed a tear
or even really seem to care
I thought it was because he was a man
When mama was laid to rest
pa said Jeannie do your best
I'm leavin' but I won't be gone long
The town was many miles away
where papa seemed to wanna stay
So soon after mama had gone

Then it was work Jeannie work Jeannie work Jeannie work
The hard times had just begun
Yes it's work Jeannie work Jeannie work Jeannie work
for Jeannie there was no fun

Papa started drinkin' wine
and chasin' women all the time
And livin' off the fat of the land
We children did the best we could
milked the cows and chopped the wood
And ate what mama left us canned
One day the sheriff walked in
to notify the next of kin
papa was run over by a train
It had been almost a year
since papa left us there
we were sorry but really felt no pain
The sheriff said that day
children can't live this way
Said he'd send someone to take us into town
That night I said goodbye
my little brothers and sisters cried
But I ran away so far I'd not be found

And now it's run Jeannie run Jeannie run Jeannie run
Jeannie's gonna find some fun
Yeah it's run Jeannie run Jeannie run Jeannie run
run and find you some fun

[Thanks to Endora Aphrattos for lyrics]

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