In The Blue Lyrics - Kelly Ruston

Kelly Ruston Chords

There ain't a black mark on top of my house
I've got a rainbow, it's in my mouth
I was born to the freest wind
Take what was torn, I'll learn how to mend

Don't need a hospital, I ain't broken
That impostor is dead and soaked
In the blood of an unholy thing
That's alright, Ma
I'm still gonna sing with the angels

Watching for lions, whisper to crows
Looking for signs buried in the bones
Of the one, that all-in Lord
Son of the Dumb, King of the Scorned

But I've got a woman, her hands are gold
Carries the sun to me when I'm cold
And afraid of my gunfire brain
Forgive what I say, I never mean it anyway

I'm waiting to come alive

"Caught through the window," sung it before
I don't wanna sing any of that sh*t anymore
I'm a cloud filled up with rain
Sometimes, I storm and sometimes I just hang in the blue