Mending Song

I was born in Carolina, near the paper mill
I learned the town was haunted, rebels had been killed
Somethin' grew up twisted in me, rippin' all the seams
But I was mended by the love of my mama
To fight the devils down in me

I left for Nashville with no money to my name
I sang on 17th like I was on a stage
The road that I took then was full of ditches and mistakes
And deep in the shadow of my failures
I saw some things are worth the pain

I wanna live like I'm only made of air
And I will forgive what I've done out of despair
I'm tryin' to find the happiness and healin'
In the things that still need some repair

My marriage ended and I moved up north to mend
I tried to fight it like a needle in my skin
The hole inside me kept on growin', everything went black
Was then I heard the words of my father
"Have faith, there's no storm that doesn't pass"

I wanna live like I'm only made of air
And I will forgive what was done out of despair
I wish you only happiness and healin'
And I hope that you're findin' it out there

Yeah, ooh

I'll carry every life I've lived into the next
Maybe St. Peter will just average all the best
But don't let me into Heaven 'til Goliath knows defeat
And when it's done, I'll slip into Nirvana
And let go of everything that's holdin' me

Holdin' me