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Tom And Annie lyrics - Deric Ruttan

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Tom and Annie Becker
Had a farm outside of town
Growin' cotton and tabacco
They were the poorest folks around
But anyone who knew the Beckers
Knew just how much Tom loved his wife
But no one expected
What happened that July

That day the sheriff
Pulled up in their drive
He took out his bullhorn
His men went around the side
He called," Tom we know you're in there
The county roads are blocked
Now do us all a favour, Tom
We just wanna talk"

The town was just a buzzin'
All about what Tom had done
On the Main Street, in broad daylight
With an army-issue gun
And now the sheriff's boys were waitin'
And if they had to they would fight
But they were scared to get no closer
So they could not hear Tom cry

"Oh Annie, didn't we raise three fine boys
Didn't we share everything, our sorrows and our joys
Oh Annie, why did you keep this thing from me
How can I keep on livin' without you company
Oh Annie, Oh Annie"

Mr. Charlie Watson
Ran the local hardware store
But thanks to Tom's revolver
He didn't run it anymore
Tom didn't try to hide it
He didn't seem to care
He even told poor Charlie
Just why he was there

Folks knew Tom was hurtin'
Since Annie went away
She didn't give a reason
Told him she'd explain someday
But what about poor Charlie Watson
Just lyin' on the floor
Back at Tom's, the sheriff
Sent a man up to the door

Now you'd have though by now
Tom would've taken out the back
Run down by the water
Or 'cross the field to the railroad track
But he was sittin' in the kitchen
Empty pistol in a chair

[Thanks to Kate for lyrics]

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