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Goodnight And Good Morning Lyrics by Brown Sawyer

Brown Sawyer Lyrics

Billy was known as a wild child
His hometown was Born to Be Mild
Truth be told, Billy's alright
But one particular Friday night
He had a little date, stayed out late
Mama and Daddy sit with folded hands
He comes in
It's where've you been
And "What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

He said, "Good night and good morning
I've been tested but not arrested
Wake me up about lunchtime."
Neighbors stand out in the yard
You can hear opinions forming
He said, "Good night and good morning."

What goes around comes back again
Billy got married and they had twins
They barely sleep when they sleep at all
They tiptoe up and down the hall
Pat a little cake, one's still awake
Mama and Daddy throwing up their hands
Rocking that chair, going nowhere
Talk about your ever-changing plans

Well, they said, "Good night and good morning
Stories' read, prayers are said
Wake me up about lunchtime
Telephone's out in the yard
And the baby bottle warming."
They say, "Good night and good morning."

He worked graveyard shift at Walmart
Greeting shoppers at the door
Night court, truck stops, and diners
All the way to Baltimore
He finally found his calling on the late-night radio
He entertains insomniacs
On The Black Sheep Billy Show

He says, "Good night and good morning
Caffeinated and highly rated
Wake me up about drive time
Out there on the Interstate, it's loud and it's informing."
He says, "Good night
Good night
Good night and good morning."

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Brown Sawyer Chords
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