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Blake Shelton lyrics

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Blake Shelton Lyrics

Blake Shelton Chords

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Album Lyrics: Body Language [2021]

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Shelton Blake
"Body Language" [2021]

  1. Minimum Wage
  2. Body Language
  3. Happy Anywhere
  4. Now I Don't
  5. Monday Mornin' Missin' You
  6. Corn
  7. Makin' It Up As You Go
  8. Whatcha Doin' Tomorrow
  9. The Girl Can't Help It
  10. The Flow
  11. Neon Time
  12. Bible Verses
  13. Come Back As A Country Boy
  14. Fire Up The Night
  15. Throw It On Back
  16. We Can Reach The Stars

Album Lyrics: Fully Loaded: God's Country [2019]

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Shelton Blake
"Fully Loaded: God's Country" [2019]

  1. God's Country
  2. Hell Right
  3. Nobody But You
  4. Came Here To Forget
  5. She's Got A Way With Words
  6. A Guy With A Girl
  7. Every Time I Hear That Song
  8. I'll Name The Dogs
  9. I Lived It
  10. Turnin' Me On
  11. Jesus Got A Tight Grip
  12. Tequila Sheila

Album Lyrics: Texoma Shore [2017]

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Shelton Blake
"Texoma Shore" [2017]

  1. I'll Name The Dogs
  2. At The House
  3. Beside You Babe
  4. Why Me
  5. Money
  6. Turnin' Me On
  7. The Wave
  8. Got The T-Shirt
  9. Hangover Due
  10. When The Wine Wears Off
  11. I Lived It

Album Lyrics: If I'm Honest [2016]

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Shelton Blake
"If I'm Honest" [2016]

  1. Straight Outta Cold Beer
  2. She's Got a Way With Words
  3. Bet You Still Think About Me
  4. Every Time I Hear That Song
  5. Came Here to Forget
  6. Every Goodbye
  7. It Ain't Easy
  8. A Guy With a Girl
  9. Go Ahead and Break My Heart
  10. Friends
  11. One Night Girl
  12. Doing It to Country Songs
  13. Green
  14. You Can't Make This Up
  15. Savior's Shadow

Album Lyrics: Bringing Back The Sunshine [2014]

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Shelton Blake
"Bringing Back The Sunshine" [2014]

  1. Bringing Back The Sunshine
  2. Neon Light
  3. Lonely Tonight
  4. Gonna
  5. A Girl
  6. Sangria
  7. Buzzin
  8. Just South Of Heaven
  9. I Need My Girl
  10. Good Country Song
  11. Anyone Else
  12. Just Gettin' Started

Album Lyrics: Based On A True Story... [2013]

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Shelton Blake
"Based On A True Story..." [2013]

  1. Boys 'Round Here
  2. Sure Be Cool If You Did
  3. Do You Remember
  4. Small Town Big Time
  5. Country On The Radio
  6. My Eyes
  7. Doin' What She Likes
  8. I Still Got A Finger
  9. Mine Would Be You
  10. Lay Low
  11. Ten Times Crazier
  12. Granddaddy's Gun
  13. I Found Someone

Album Lyrics: Red River Blue [2011]

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Shelton Blake
"Red River Blue" [2011]

  1. Honey Bee
  2. Ready To Roll
  3. God Gave Me You
  4. Get Some
  5. Drink On It
  6. Good Ole Boys
  7. I'm Sorry
  8. Sunny In Seattle
  9. Over
  10. Hey
  11. Red River Blue
  12. Chill

Album Lyrics: All About Tonight [2010]

Buy All About Tonight CD
Shelton Blake
"All About Tonight" [2010]

  1. All About Tonight
  2. Who Are You When I'm Not Looking
  3. That Thing We Do
  4. Draggin' The River
  5. Suffocating
  6. Got A Little Country

Album Lyrics: Hillbilly Bone [2010]

Buy Hillbilly Bone CD
Shelton Blake
"Hillbilly Bone" [2010]

  1. Hillbilly Bone
  2. Kiss My Country Ass
  3. You'll Always Be Beautiful
  4. Can't Afford To Love You
  5. Delilah
  6. Almost Alright

Album Lyrics: Startin' Fires [2008]

Buy Startin' Fires CD
Shelton Blake
"Startin' Fires" [2008]

  1. Green
  2. Good At Startin' Fires
  3. She Wouldn't Be Gone
  4. I'll Just Hold On
  5. A Hundred Miles / 100 Miles
  6. Never Lovin' You
  7. Country Strong
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. This Is Gonna Take All Night
  10. Here I Am
  11. I Don't Care
  12. Bare Skin Rug

Album Lyrics: Pure BS [2007]

Buy Pure BS CD
Shelton Blake
"Pure BS" [2007]

  1. This Can't Be Good
  2. Don't Make Me
  3. The More I Drink
  4. I Don't Care
  5. She Don't Love Me
  6. Back There Again
  7. It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
  8. What I Wouldn't Give
  9. I Have Been Lonely
  10. She Can't Get That
  11. The Last Country Song
  12. Chances
  13. I Can't Walk Away
  14. Home

Album Lyrics: Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill [2004]

Buy Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill CD
Shelton Blake
"Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill" [2004]

  1. Some Beach
  2. Nobody But Me
  3. Good Old Boy, Bad Old Boyfriend
  4. Love Gets in The Way
  5. Goodbye Time
  6. Cotton Pickin' Time
  7. What's On My Mind
  8. When Somebody Knows You That Well
  9. On A Good Day
  10. The Bartender
  11. I Drink

Album Lyrics: The Dreamer [2003]

Buy The Dreamer CD
Shelton Blake
"The Dreamer" [2003]

  1. Heavy Liftin'
  2. The Baby
  3. Asphalt Cowboy
  4. In My Heaven
  5. The Dreamer
  6. My Neck Of The Woods
  7. Underneath The Same Moon
  8. Georgia In A Jug
  9. Playboys Of The Southwestern World
  10. Someday

Album Lyrics: Blake Shelton [2001]

Buy Blake Shelton CD
Shelton Blake
"Blake Shelton" [2001]

  1. Every Time I Look At You
  2. All Over Me
  3. She Doesn't Know She's Got It
  4. Austin
  5. Ol' Red
  6. I Thought There Was Time
  7. Same Old Song
  8. That's What I Call Home
  9. Problems At Home
  10. If I Was Your Man

Album Lyrics: Other Songs []

Buy Other Songs CD
Shelton Blake
"Other Songs" []

  1. The Truth About Men
  2. Hey Romeo!
  3. Addicted
  4. Footloose
  5. Holes In The Floor Of Heaven

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