Standin' in the driveway watchin' your old truck leavin'
We're so happy about how Daddy received it
You bought a ring for you and me and next week
It'll be final

We stood at the county courthouse
Mama said it should've been a church
Now it's one bedroom
And one bath but it'll work
'Cause baby I love you, and you love me
And that's the way it's gonna be
It's final

My baby it's final

Standin' on the hardwood floor starin' at the ceilin'
My heart's broke and achin' 'cause I just can't believe it
There's a lawyer and a judge and paper
Work that's tellin' us it's final

I look at you and you are lookin' up at me
And there's a lonesome longin' in each others eyes
And we just can't see if we do what's right
Put up a fight now there ain't no need to try
It's final

Baby it's final
Baby it's final

Standin' here beside you November wind blowin'
Sayin' prayers all emotion showin'
It's too late to buy you roses
But I hold them knowin' it's final

Now I can't stop the tears of pain runnin' down my face
Preacher says it's time for last respects paid
I lean down and kiss your face
He says you're goin' to a better place
And that's final

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]