Bad Magick - Shooter Jennings Lyrics

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Bad Magick

The sun don't burn fast enough for me
In a cloud of smoke my conscience become clean
A long and lonesome road I've travelled to be free
And I carry no one and no one carries me
And I sleep away the days and ride the night
To another lonely town and lonely night

But I'll ride away with my freedom in my hands
To die another day in the broken promise land
Yeah, I'll ride away and I'll leave you with the sun
To a life some would call tragic
I was born unto the gun and practice bad magick

The wind at my back, the desert at my feet
I know love, my only friend is my steed
No one called family, my ties are severed clean
My mother's the mountain, my father's the stream
If you see me young lady, just turn and walk away
I'll be gone in the morn before you wake