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I Got Faith lyrics - Marthia Sides

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I Got Faith

Woke up late again for work. It don't matter 'cause the boss man's a jerk.

He passed me up again for that big promotion, and looks like I'm broke once again.

Livin' from pay check to pay check, just really, well it ain't my speed.

When it seems like this cycle is neverending, I gotta keep believein' in my creed.


I've got faith in my maker. I got faith in my mom and dad. I got faith

in the goodness of all mankind. And faith that their gonna be bad. I can plan to work, and work the plan,

till I'm dead and I'm in my grave. But I gotta keep truckin' like it all means somethin'

'Cause I sure as hell have faith.

My momma, she's a buggin'. My life well it's a mess.

My night in shinin' armor ain't arived, and my friends all get me depressed.

All them girls are married, happily with kids. And I'm the single one with all the worries

and the neverending bills.



They say you only fail when you quite or when yours dead. Well I ain't givin' up

and I sure ain't dead yet.


[Thanks to Bonnie for lyrics]

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