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Lost In You lyrics - David Simmons

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Sitting on your back porch in the sun
Watching it fade away
Swaying to the soft music the radio played
So close to me baby I can feel you breathe
Every touch I feel deep inside of me
So let’s get a drink at your kitchen bar
And baby I love the way
You dance to the music in your car
The way you smile at me
No matter where we are
We don’t have to go far
To lose our way
I could spend everyday with you
That’s all I want to do
So lost in you

And I picked up my guitar
Looked at you with a smile
Most times it's me so nervous inside
But today for a little while
It was your song just your little smile
With that so lost stare
As your sweet voice filled my ears
You’re so beautiful with a voice soft and clear
Something’s in life are better left unchanged
Like the sound of your sweet voice and beautiful name
I’m so lost in you
Right here is where I need you to be
Right here with me

And I bring you coffee
Just to see you smile
It never matters why you don’t have to ask
How come all the good things in life
Just never last
And just to see you puts my mind at ease
Baby if this isn’t love
Tell me what it is please
Maybe you can’t see it
But I do
I’ll will never love another
The way I love you
I could spend everyday with you
It’s all I want to do

And I could listen all night to you sing
Your soft voice to Strawberry wine
With that smile and big beautiful eyes
The things being in those moments with you
Does to my mind
Takes my breath away
It was always meant to be
Baby you and me
Written right up there in the stars
I shouldn’t be this far from where you are
So I try to listen with my heart
Not my mind
But it plays me a melody
Of time left behind
We can never have back again
I could spend everyday with you
It’s really all I want to do
Be so lost in you

Sitting on your back porch in the sun
Watching it fade away
Your breathe across my skin
As the radio softly plays
And we sway
So close to me I can feel you breathe
I could spend everyday with you
So lost in you
So lost in you

[Thanks to David Simmons for lyrics]

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