Nothing But Summer

Pretty little girls flirting with the boys
down at the snowcone stand
Beer caps, flip flops, tank tops
Popping off down below the dam

Souped up pick ups
Chrome shiny Harley's
Inner tubes, Mountain dew
and a fifth of Bacardi
Get on your mark set
Baby get your feet wet
Dive in head first,
Let it take you under
Grab a little sunshine
Coppertone tan lines
Hanging out talking 'bout
Nothing but Summer

Little party on a pontoon boat
Everybody's here, everybody's getting loud
Damn fine tan lines and them Carolina cuties
laid out on the bow

Couple in the water making waves
You and me sleeping off in the shade


Loving is freedom
Live it up all life
Loving is feeling
I'm feeling alright

On the beach with a bottle of good wine
You and me making love by the moonlight


Nothing but summer
Oh, summer