I Smell Smoke Lyrics - Darden Smith

Darden Smith Chords

Here you come walking in lit up late again
Say you were out with your friends
I want to believe you
Bobby said Janie is out of town, Jimmy said Amy put the children down
She’s up in her bed safe and sound
I want to believe you

But I smell smoke and I know you don't like cigarettes
I know who does, I know he was your biggest regret
When I say his name you say that flame burned out long ago
You just laugh it off like it's some kind of joke
But baby I smell smoke

I've seen the way you look at him bad boy tattoos & the Marlboro grin
When you've had too much tonic, lime and gin
Can I really I trust you
Coping with it in the back of my mind, hoping that it wasn't just a matter of time
Till a harmless conversation crossed the line
I want to trust you

I just want to hold you I don't want to see the truth
But the closer I get I can't deny the proof