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Outside In lyrics - Chris Smither

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Did you ever stop to notice,
It's when you feel a little low,
That the entire spinning universe
Descends to say hello
With heavy-handed cheerfulness
And a calculated smile and says,
"carry me awhile."
But you don't have to carry
Much of anything at all.
The biggest thoughts of bigger things
Are really pretty small.
The major thoughts that occupy the minor state of mind
Are what we leave behind.
Just a minor thought that we can leave behind.

Don't worry 'bout the future, you can't afford the price.
There's madness to the method when you pay the piper twice.
Once when you start to worry,
Once again when you begin to take the future on the chin.
I know that you think worry is your ever-faithful friend,
Cuz nothin' that you worry over ever happens in the end.
And there might be somethin' to it,
But it sure gets in the way of fun today.
What you say we try and have some fun today.

It takes a sense of balance on this tiny little ball,
With a tiny mind still big enought to think about it all,
To realize the size of things is just a state of mind,
And you can change your mind.
There's a riddle in the middle of that univeral spin,
But we're out here on the edges where it gets a little thin.
So just for once permit yourself a carefree little grin
From the outside lookin' in.
Cuz we're out here on the outside lookin' in.
And it's better on the outside lookin' in.

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Smither Chris Chords
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