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Time Stands Still lyrics - Chris Smither

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I've been blind, she's been kind.
She knows at times I forget to see.
Through a cold dark cloud,
an imaginary shroud or a shadow settles over me.
I once was smart, it was back at the start.
I offered her my body and my soul.
Thought in my heart it would tear me apart;
It made me whole.

Keep it simple, keep it clear. It's what we like to hear.
She don't argue, she don't ever lie.
If I say it's so, it's so. She don't want to know
If it's a metaphor or something in disguise.
She let me know, a long time ago
It's better to say just what I mean.
Truth to tell it can hurt like hell,
But it keeps me clean.

My guiding star, I don't stray far.
I keep her in my mind and in my eye.
I've been lost before, but never any more.
I just look up at my compass in the sky.
I had my fears, in the early years,
That I'd locked me up and throw'd away the key
I lost my mind to the ties that bind,
But it set me free

Oh she's fast, I know I'll never ask,
She's by me now but I don't really mind
I hardly know, I'm oh so slow,
My shadow often kicks me from behind.
I once was fast, in the distant past.
In a mighty demonstration of my will,
I kissed her twice at the speed of light.
Time stood still.

I kissed her twice at the speed of light,
And time stood still.

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