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Daddy's Shoes lyrics - Nate Sparks

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When I was young I'd see them down the hall,
It was all I could do.
To put them on my feet so small,
To walk in daddy's shoes.
I wonder if he ever knew,
I even had them on.
Seems like only yesterday, but the years have come and gone.

What I wouldn't do,
To walk in daddy's shoes.
To see what he'd seen,
And know what he knew.
Yea, I'd trade it all away,
To have him come back one day.
What I wouldn't do,
To walk in daddy's shoes.

I took the hard road I always did,
But he stood by my side.
He heard every word I said,
and dried the tears I cried.
I wonder if he ever knew,
How I'm tryin still,
To walk my life inside those shoes,
That seem so hard to fill.

Chorus: x1

He told the truth, even when it was hard,
and he always pulled his share.
And if I knew nothin else,
I knew he'd always be there.

Chorus: x1

[Thanks to Nate Sparks for lyrics]

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