It Takes a Fire Lyrics - Nate Sparks

You said let's talk it over,
Hey, let's work things out,
Baby, I've heard it all before.

You said let's roll the clock back,
And capture what we had,
While your standin in the door,
Baby, before you walk away once more.

Love, ain't easy to hold on to.
It's like a candle in the night,
Love can burn out in an instant,
It takes a fire, to keep it burnin bright.

I feel the tears your cryin,
As our passion fades,
Baby, we both know that it's true.

But while the embers dyin,
Will you just walk away?
What's to become of me and you?
Baby, before this stories through.

Chorus: x1


So baby let your hair down,
Come and kiss my lips,
See if there's a spark still left inside.

Just let me hold you,
And feel these fingertips,
If only one last time?
Baby, don't you think it's worth a try?

Chorus: x1

[Thanks to Nate Sparks for lyrics]