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My Greatest Success lyrics - Nate Sparks

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I can't climb a mountain,
or sail the seven seas.
No one else may know my name,
But my friends and family.
I won't go down in history, doin some great deed,
But knowin I'm the man you love,
is all I'll ever need.

My greatest success is loving you.
My finest hour, will last my whole life through.
If I fail at everything else, I know one thing is true,
My greatest success is loving you.

I've searched a lifetime,
to find a love like this.
And I could see forever,
When I first kissed your lips.
I may not have a mansion,
Or diamonds on my hands.
As long as your here by my side,
I'm the richest man.


[Thanks to Nate Sparks for lyrics]

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