Lonely Days Lyrics - Max Stalling

Max Stalling Chords

There's miles between us tension on the line
Seems to be that way more all the time
I've heard stories from people who say
We'd better be careful or it's lonely days
Ahh, some poor sad people and their lonely days
Lonely days
We got a good thing going, let's keep it that way

Ohh, ohh
Well, I saw Carl Lord, he sure looked thin
As he hitched his pants I asked what happened to him
She used to cook for him she used to bake cakes
Tasted something strange now it's lonely days
Ahh, poor old Carl and his lonely days
Lonely Days
Lots of frozen pizza and his lonely days

Ohh, ohh

Well, I ran on to Jenny just like in that song
She pined for that cowboy that she gave up on
She got impatient and laments it I'd say
Stares out at the sunset another lonely day
Ahh, poor old Jenny and her lonely days
Lonely days
Nights of wondering and her lonely days

Ohh, ohh

I think love is a fine old thing
Makes you happy and makes you sing

Now there's miles between us it's us on the line
The choices are hang up or compromise
Now you've heard the stories so what'll you say?
Can we meet in the middle or is it lonely days?
Ohh, I'm glad you said that I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Meet you in the smack dab no lonely days
Ohh, ohh, ohh
No lonely days