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Does That Make Me Bad? Lyrics by Luke Stricklin

Luke Stricklin Lyrics

I go to church, but I drink beer,
I hate cats I like dogs and I hunt deer
And I love my wife, ah but I’m not blind
I might take a second look at a pretty girl
When she walks by

Does that make me bad
Does that make me wrong
And do you think less of me
Now that I’ve told you what I thought
If politically incorrect what the heck
My point of view makes you mad
Does that make be bad

I think country singers ought to shut up and sing
But I hope they frick and fry Saddam Hussain
I’m sick and tired of reality shows
And I think you should ought learn a little English
If you make America your home


Everybody’s got opinions friend
So we don’t have to fight
And just because they think their minds
The only ones that right

It’s politically incorrect but what the heck
My point of view makes you mad
Does that make me bad

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