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The Mississippi Mudcat and Sister Sheryl Crow Lyrics by Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart Lyrics

Written by Marty Stuart

All right, all right, all right
Well I am the main Mississippi Mudcat and always will be
Hello everybody
So there I was cruisin' through the country in my hot rod car
Just visitin' my friends up and down the backroads
I was driving slow
I was driving slow, meditatin' on Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow I'm telling you the truth now
(He's telling you the truth)

42 miles an hour my gasoline was all gone
I was trying to look real cool and find my way back home
Darn, dark, dark
Driving slow, driving slow
Just seemed like an endless supply of hi line poles and mailboxes
Then all of a sudden there stood by the mail box at route 4 box 153
A damsel, yes a damsel in disdress (alright)
A damsel in disdress wearing high heels
With big blue eyes that made the darkness crawl
And a smile that could make a man cry
Yes I know (yes he knows) ring that phone boys...Go

I stopped and said "'hello
And you are without a doubt the most beautiful magnolia I have ever seen in my life"
She said "shut up Marty party
What are you doing tonight riding around in that hot rod
With that loud radio, showing off them chromium pipes and fold away wings"
I said "baby, I'm just looking for gas cans, have you seen any"
Sometimes a fast rubber-tired shiny car is the thing to have
She said "well Marty party do you want some company
You know my specialty is spotting gas cans" (uh oh yeah, uh-oh)
She said to me, she said to me "what do you call this ride"
I said "honey, this here is my rocket ship" (all right)
And get in, just get in, just get in, just get in

Let's go home now

Marty Stuart Chords

Marty Stuart Chords
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