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Faith Train lyrics - Sugar Bayou Band

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If you live lifted up your sins are forgiven
It’s a short trip to heaven or a long, long road to hell
Brother, it’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way
And sister it’s a lesson you’d best be learnin’ well

So tangled up in wickedness, devoted to sin
If Satan spills a tear on you then Satan’s bound to win
You don’t hear church bells or the sound of angel wings
You should be bound for glory but your mind’s on death’s gold ring

Ride that faith train—bound for glory
Open your heart—hear God’s story
Feel his love—movin’ all around you
Follow blind—and be born brand new

You say that you’re a thinkin’ man–the kind who needs real proof
You seek a scientific way to believin’ in God’s truth
Well, friend I’m here to tell you there’s a lot we just don’t know
Lord’s love’s shinin’ down for free–how could you ask for more?

I had a heart full of envy and a whisky way of thinkin’
Couldn’t get my mind right–I walked a dead end trail
Wouldn’t read the Bible, cheated on my loved one
Thought I had forever and I drank from the poison well


Yes, I fooled myself to thinkin’ today was all that mattered
Coulda been better but I wasn’t all that bad
I watched my children cryin’ and my mama bent and prayin’
& when it looked like I might lose it all I thought that I’d go mad

Lucifer’s river is runnin’ red and bloody
You don’t need to look both ways–just reach the righteous side
And when temptation falls upon you, cast your soul to Heaven
Save yourself eternity as the burnin’ devil’s bride

[Thanks to April Rapier for lyrics]

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