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I Will Wait lyrics - Sugar Bayou Band

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Met him one summer when I was 16
Prettiest boy I’d ever seen
Said I’d kiss you when the corn grew tall
We were going steady in no time at all
Leaves started turning and the wind blew still
Said I love you now and I always will
Promises were waiting ‘round the corner

Bet you a dollar you couldn’t catch me
Raced you down to the sugar maple tree
Picked me up and ran me on your shoulder
Held me close as we got a day older
You spoke of things I didn’t understand
Such is the difference ‘tween a boy and a man
You smiled and said “a buck—girl, that’s a fortune”

I will wait for you until you know you love me
I’m standing right in front of you– I’ll be here ‘til the end
And I will wait for you

Dancing and laughing down the wheat field row
Watched by the rabbit and the nosy crow
You said you had big plans in the making
But there were things you weren’t saying
When I look back, you never lied
I couldn’t blame you no matter how I tried
How can love claim to have all the answers?

Then the rains came down and swept you away
I knew you had to go, didn’t want it that way
You promised me you’d be back again
I prayed for summer as the snow settled in
You said you’d come to claim me when the corn grew fat
I could never find another love like that
You said, I’ll be your husband if you’ll let me

I will wait for you until your search is over
You may wander ‘round the world, but keep my heart in view
I will wait for you
Our last night together is sure to bring you home
It’s written in the harvest wind and the white heat of the moon
You’ll be coming home soon


I will wait for you
Until you’re headed homeward
I will walk our sacred ground and keep your heart in view
And I will wait for you
Yes, I will wait for you

[Thanks to April Rapier for lyrics]

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