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Baling Wire Lyrics by Dean Summer

Dean Summer Lyrics

Well in my youngin days I’d like hang out at the barn
There was so much to see to set my mind to inquire
There was saddles and tack and fishing reels and poles
And cattle cake in paper sacks, and tools for digging holes
One particular thing that every barn requires
And that’s piles and piles, and bundles of broken pieces of
Baling wire…baling wire

You see well, baling wire can’t stop a fire but it can dern sure hold the hose
You can stretch it out real long and straight like and roast a couple of sweet marshmallows
It’ll fetch your truck keys if they fall bеtween the seats and it’ll make a good fish stringеr
Well if you love me enough you can get down on one knee and tie some around my left finger (I do)
Baling wire…baling wire

Well if your neighbor calls to say cows are out you just pull and twist and get em back in
It’ll bind some hay and help form some clay, and make a new gate latch for your chicken pen
It’ll hold up your muffler, and make a clothes line, you can wrap it around your tires so your truck don’t slide
You can tie it to the wood end of a broom and a bucket and pluck it
Baling wire…baling wire

Well you can use it to hang a picture on a wall or tie it to a post to help your tomatoes grow tall
It’ll fix a buckle on a bridle and reins, it'll unclog that tub to snake the drain
You can use it as a stitch or a horse hoof pick, heck even as a cow dog collar
And if you ever run out and need some more just give me a holler say, "Summer I need some
Baling wire…baling wire”

Now one of these days I’m gonna have a barn of my own full of every little thing that I need
With cats that chase mice, and an AM/FM radio to listen to while I sit on sacks of feed
It’s rancher's buddy, it's a farmer's friend
It’s tough to break and easy to bend
Wear some gloves so ya don’t get hurt
It’s the best dern invention on God’s green Earth
Baling wire….baling wire
Baling wire…baling wire
Da-do, do-do, doot, doot, do
You bet

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