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Cuttin' Up B&S Style lyrics - The Sunny Cowgirls

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Sophie Clabburn

We've been waitin' all week for Saturday night,
And the day is finally here
Got the swags in the back and the barbecue packed,
The five dollars suits and beer
We're right to go
Let's say we hit the open road

Now five of us goin' in convoy,
The Utes are running fine
But out on the horizon you can
See the lightening brighten up the sky
Yeah, us and that old storm have now arrived

We got a 2K wait
before the gate will finally open
Pay our ninety bucks,
get our cup, tyres will be smokin'

We'll all be cuttin' up gravel,
Cuttin' up dirt, ready for the party,
Gonna lose control and have a ball tonight.
We'll be covered in rum and havin' our fun
In the boots and the black tie, going wild.
We're cuttin' up B&S style

Now it's pourin' down and no one's sure
If it's Bundy or the rain
But it won't last, we're drinkin' fast
It all just tastes the same after a while
Looks like we've been swimmin' in The Nile

Now Jono's stripped and runnin' round
Like a drunken headless chook
And Linda now has lost her bra
And Prydie's having a look for his new tie,
Top to toe covered in food dye

Now all us smurfs,
will find our turf or somebody else's
And at nine o'clock is the burn out comp,
Still drunk but it's all worth it

We're circle workin', bonnet surfin'
Tail gatin', pig chasin'
Rum scullin', piss cuttin'
Ute stackin', whip crackin'
Have a hoot, lose ya boot
Hit the floor, get a score
Grab a cup, Bundy up
B&S warrior!

Cuttin' up in style
Cuttin' up tonight

[Thanks to Kahla for lyrics]

[Thanks to LOM, Corina, Stax for corrections]

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