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Old Silo lyrics - The Sunny Cowgirls

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By Sophie Clabburn

Early to bed, early to rise
Time to get up but to my surprise
The alarm was set for 5am
But the bloody thing didn't go off again

I admit it's happened just more than once
And dad's pissed off according to mum
So I'm sculling down tea and
I'm scoffing down toast
And I'm making my way to the old silo

Well, I've lost about an hour
But you won't hear me complain
Cos morning tea is comin' round
To brighten up my day

So it's off to the shed, gotta get some feed
Five or six bags and a cake for me
One more thing, where the hell is Jo?
She's chasing those chooks by the old silo

Next thing on the list to do
Gotta get that round bale on the ute
The tractor's parked out in the shed
But the damn old thing has blown a head

Well, that's too hard, I can't do that
Better get some help from old fat Jack
Hey dad, where's Jack? Where'd he go?
He's fixing up the auger on the old silo

He said, sorry I can't do it
I've got too much on my plate
Go find something else to do
Or why not take a break

Well, that suits me fine, I'll do that instead
And mum has cooked some bangers in bread
So I'll take my lunch and a couple for Jo
And we'll eat it around the back of the old silo

Well, it's 4 o'clock, that's close enough
I reckon it's time that we knocked off
So we'll grab some mates and head down the creek
We'll catch some yabbies and have a feed

Well, I just realised I forgot the pot
It's too far to walk and way too hot
So we'll cut the tinnies and cook 'em slow
We'll boil them up and down they go

Have a meal and a yarn and off we'll go
Jump in the Ute down the old dirt road
Head to the pub where the cold beer flows
And I can hear dad yelling from the old silo

[Thanks to LOM for lyrics]

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