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Pills lyrics - Sunny Sweeney

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Are you still taking them pills?
Are they still giving you thrills?
Does your coat still sound like a maraca
When you're walking up and down around the Tennessee hills?
The prescription that you're taking to the pharmacist is written
On a stack of twenty dollar bills
Are you still taking them pills?

I remember back when we used to take 'em
And we'd feel them start to kickin' in
At first we'd feel a tingle, then we'd feel a prickle
Like there's something crawling on my skin
I think they almost made us feel a little happy
I think they nearly made us feel like we belong
They said it's bringing on something for an entire day
And we'd talk about it all night long

Are you still taking them pills?
Are they still giving you thrills?
Do you still feel like you're getting prodded
By a hundred thousand nasty little porcupine quills?
Your mind is like a cyclone needing satisfaction
But it empties out as quick as it fills
Are you still taking them pills?

You know it's strange the way time can change a person
Just yesterday it seems like we were getting high
Now I've been clean for years by to be completely honest
I think about it all the time

But wait, I think you don't remember how you know me
I got to say that you don't seem the same
You oughtta hand it up cause by the look that's on your face
I think you'll wonder how I even know your name

Are you still them them pills?
Are they still giving you thrills?
Outside there's a bin man staring at you
Can't you see I'm leaning on your window still?
I'm afraid we might read it in the paper
That you're pushing up the daisies and the daffodils
Are you still taking them pills?
Are you still taking them pills?

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