3 AM Lyrics - Texas Renegade

Texas Renegade Chords

Words and music by Andy Bertelsen

You must be black and blue again
At half past two
Its just you and an empty bottle of gin

At thirty-fifth and main
As the cars passed by
Did you go insane little girl
Or just start to cry

Your seventeen years old
And all you’ve got to show
Are the tears on your cheek
And running down your nose

so turn out the lights on another Friday
Theres no one to love no one to fight and no need to pray
Put away your sorrows
Put away your sins
They can wait for tomorrow
Cause tonight girl, tonight its three am

You’ve got perfection hidden in your looking glass
But you see no reflection there’s only glares and the cracks
And you’ve got your troubles hidden underneath your bed
Your expectations there just a ringing in your head

With your angel eyes
Your little diamond ring
And your big white lies
that don’t stand for much of anything


and you wont let me in your door
you say you’ve got it all
but you want a little more