Don't Wanna Wake Up Lyrics - Texas Renegade

Texas Renegade Chords

I can’t change my ways
My stubborn ways of loving you
I’ve tried everything I know
Now there’s nothing left to do

I’m always late to work
Cause I am sleeping in
But I aint been staying out late
The problem lies herein
well I don’t wanna wake up
To an empty bed
I wanna stay right here
With thoughts of you running through my head
And I don’t wanna wake up
To see the truth
No I wanna stay right here in this dream with you

Now baby when you left
You took a part of me
And now it seems my heart
Is coming apart at the seams

And every night I pray
That you’ll come back to me
But you said you’d never change your mind
So I’ll just drift off to sleep


Now once she’s gone she won’t come back
A good friend told me the other day
But I sure hope he’s wrong this time
Cause its too late to change my ways

And here in my dreams
I’m spending my days with you
Wrapped up in your love
Holding you close to me
Well there’s nothing that I’d rather do