Down the Line Lyrics - Texas Renegade

Texas Renegade Chords

Music and lyrics by Andy Bertelsen

Well there’s a place down the road
Where the whiskey goes down hard
And I’ve been thinking that I gotta go
Spend some time in a bar
Cause her memory
Well her memory’s left me scarred

And its been forty-eight hours
And I aint had no sleep
But the little white pills there just enough to keep me awake
Well I don’t know how many more I can take

cause its been six days since I’ve been sober
Its been six days since I’ve been high
When she told me this was over
And left a lipstick kiss goodbye
So I’m moving on a little further down the line

I got a cd in my radio and I got it up loud
I got two hundred horses laying rubber on the ground
Right behind me
Where she’s never gonna find me

Oh and I aint got no money
I aint got no smokes
I got a beat up guitar and a love song that I wrote
Back before my heart was broke


Well it’s a long long way to Nashville, Tennessee
I guess that’s what she always expected of me and my songs
But that would take too long