Flite Acres Road Lyrics - Texas Renegade

Texas Renegade Chords

In the middle of the night
Every car that passes by
Gives a fleeting bit of hope
To my heart

Cause just around the bend
I may find a friend
To show me
Which way to go
Down on flite acres road

Well I’ve been good and I’ve been bad
Happy I’ve been sad
I’ve felt joy and I’ve felt pain down there
But in the middle of the night
The car lights shine so bright
As I drive into a fate unknown

but the river it runs by
And the seasons they pass
As the sands of time
move to the bottom of the glass
and when I close my eyes
the memories they flow
and I don’t think that I’ll ever get off
of flite acres road

sometimes I go
down to the blanco
and I sit there all alone on the bank
as the wind blows through the trees
theres a calmness on the brees
and I wonder about things I’ll never know

chorus x2