The Rain Lyrics - Texas Renegade

Texas Renegade Chords

I’m down at the station
Waiting on a southbound train
But I been stuck here all day
Thanks to the flooding and the rain

I watched the weather channel
On a TV by the bar
They said don’t you try to travel
Cause you won’t make it too damn far
And the rain fell down
On this sleepy little town
It left me standing at the station
I’ll never reach my destination
As the rain fell down

I’m looking for a brighter future
That the world holds in store
Cause’ I’ve spent whole life in this town
And now I’m looking for something more


You may be coming
You may be going
Or maybe you’re just looking back
But one thing that I have learned
Is that rain
It will stop you right there in your tracks


I was gonna’ be free today
A bright new light a brand new way
But the rain stopped me
And it turned me back around
I guess I’ll never leave this damn town