God Bless America - Damnwells Lyrics

God Bless America

God bless America and my only dues.
Land that I love, if we only lose.
Standing beside her, and keeping score.
Guiding her freedom, to the end of these doors.

God bless America, my land you must see.
Saving the world, through catastrophe.
My home, sweet home, is a lock and a key.
The dawn’s early light, on a big screen TV.
Oh how I love to, it’s true.
The skylines, and coalmines, and the strippers too.
Do you ever miss me?
‘Cause baby I miss you.

The mountains and prairies, to the prisons and walls.
I’ve got a bible, and a Barbie doll.
God bless America, and her catacomb fire.
From purple mountains majesty, to the streets of Baghdad.

Oh I love to, it’s true.
The judges, and casinos, and happy hours too.
Do you ever need me?
‘Cause baby I need you.


God bless America, it’s great finished lie.
Winning the war, with their hearts and lies.
Standing besides her, with a Union jack.
Whatever she’s done, she can’t take it back.

Oh how I love to, it’s true.
Your winners, and losers, and cheaters, too.
Do you ever want me?
‘Cause baby I want you.
Baby, I want you.
Baby, I want you.

[Thanks to EmmyRezzy@yahoo.com for lyrics]