The Best Worst of Me - The Fearless Ones Lyrics

The Best Worst of Me

When I get home and the day is all done
I really don’t have much to say
I want to get cooking with the way that you’re looking
Won’t you come outside and play
If you need a little help you can find it on the shelf
We’re really going to make a scene
Cuz I’m going down and you’re gonna make the sounds
Of electric light lady queen


You may have tried to fix what's twisted with my dreams
Or maybe you bring out the best worst in me
I may seem broken and loose at my seams
Or maybe you bring out the best worst in me

I like it like this just a little like that
Tonight I’m gonna be on top
And if you don’t do it the way that I want
You know I’m gonna tie you up
A man has needs so you better say please
If you want a piece of this
I'm tired about the notion the motion in the ocean
Make me wobble at the needs


[Thanks to Tom Powley for lyrics]