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Arkansas Lyrics by The Henningsens

The Henningsens Lyrics

She said 85 years have fairly flown
They called me last night said my brother passed on
I cried for a while and stared at the wall
‘Cause there’s no one I know left in Arkansas

I can still see the five of us
Climb out the window
To lay on the porch roof that night
In the summer time
Mama would line us all up on a Saturday
To each have our turn in the tub
She said that was Arkansas

When she was young
We had kerosene nights and
Innocent days
Never dreamed we all would go separate ways
But with each passing or a baby came a long distance call
And we’d all make the trip back to Arkansas

I could still see my brothers in the faces of old man
We talked about horses and things we were missing
Like the smell of a hay field
The slow rolling thunder
And thinking that nothing would change
Yeah just like Arkansas

In her younger days
She said time is a river that rolls on forever
You can’t stop at the shore line to admire the view
So pack up your memories
You pressed them like flowers
‘Till all that is left here is you
And Arkansas

She still can hear the song of a Whip-poor-will
Calling her, the wind as he whispers her name
In the evening
Mama still beautiful and graceful, a sunshine
And daddy is handsome and strong
Yeah just like Arkansas
Yeah her Arkansas
Yeah that was Arkansas

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