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Overdrive lyrics - Road Hammers

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Jason McCoy / Robert Ellis Orrall

i've got 18 wheels and a polished rig, i'm in a big ol' hurry, and i do mean big
gotta get this load to bikini town, before the sun comes up and they shut me down

got stopped by the man at the sligo scale, side tracked by the waitress at the steak 'n ale
got waylayed all day traffic jam, just south of the border down in alabam


overdrive, i gota roll on just to survive
the only time i feel alive, is when i kick it into overdrive

my momma said when i was born i was born on the run, my daddy was a truck drivin' son of a gun
got a highway song runnin' through my brain, got diesel oil pumpin' through my veins

repeat chorus

i had a dream last night I was standin' still, woke up broke out sweatin' a chill
when the white line stops they better lay me down, in a cab-over coffin in the cold hard ground

repeat chorus

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