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Rosie lyrics - The Uncle Bill Roach Band

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Words and Music by Mike Slagle

Well It was just an old Chevy,1957,had a four on the floor,327
It was all jacked up,man that car was me!
And It took me all the places that I’d never been,drove me out to the edge and then back again
I even lost my innocence there in the back seat

So I named that car Rosie,she was my first true love.she made me show her what I was made of
She took me ‘round the world in her fantasies
Then one night at the bar when the music was loud,the man with the stuff he was there in the crowd
Gave my Rosie something she didn’t need

Well Rosie,Rosie where did you go?Someone said they saw you down in Mexico
Was it in Cozumel or maybe Cancun?
Well Rosie,Rosie just like that car,you try to burn nitro then you blow apart.
You left me standing here howling at the moon

Well Rosie got to likin’ it way too much,said she couldn’t get enough o’ that stuff:
Then one day she was gone.Yeah the devil he took her away
So I filled that car with nitro then just like a fool I went down to the highway behind the old school
I popped the clutch and I blew that Chevy away.

Now that old red Chevy’s sittin’ out in a field,all the windows are busted,it ain’t got no wheels
I’m lookin’ at that car thinkin’ what might have been.
And Rosie’s in prison down Mexico way.She lost her mind so they locked her away.
Just like that car we’ll never be together again


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