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All Thine lyrics - Trailer Bride

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All that I have I give you, honey
All that is mine it's thine
All that I have
it's not worth much money
But it's all thine

I want you to know that I'm grateful
All that I have is thine
?Bringing? out everything that's hateful
It's all thine

Spend it, waste it
Burn it, save it
It's all thine
Reap it, sow it
And before you know it
It was thine

One of these days
You'll learn to trust somebody
All that I have is thine
Then when you do
You'll find you won't be loved
It's all thine

Love it, crave it
Stroke it, taste it
It's all thine
Take it, hold it
Shape it, mold it
It's all thine

When memories are all that's left
All that I had was thine
And when our picture falls behind a shelf
Well it's still thine

Take it, hold it,
Shape it, mold it
It's all thine
Twist it, brake it
But never fake it
It's all thine

[Thanks to Hellbilly Kali for lyrics]

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