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Too Far To Turn Around lyrics - Tritt Travis

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Well, it's a long stretch of highway from Tulsa to Tennessee
You know I had to do it my way
It may have got the best of me
Sometimes at midnight I hear a voice
It echoes in my head, says that I still have a choice

I could get right, get baptized
Tomorrow I could probably have a pretty good life
But tonight I don't think I can slow these horses down
There's a full moon, I hear the wolf howl
And one more drink will put me on the ground
But tonight I've gone too far to turn around

I should have listened to my mama
Lord knows that woman tried
Yeah, she saw this road a-comin'
And her fears were justified
I can't hide, and I can't run
I can still see the smoke from barrel of the gun
What's gone is gone, what's done is done

Is there a heaven or a hell
Oh, only time will tell
Yeah yeah

[Thanks to dave for corrections]

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